Enquire about Funeral Grants

Information About Funeral Grants That May Be of Assistance to You


Accident Compensation Commission (ACC)


If death is the result of an injury, ACC can help with the costs of burial or cremation and related ceremonies. This grant can be for New Zealanders and overseas visitors, and the funeral need not be in New Zealand.




The Funeral Grant can be used towards costs such as:


  • Professional services for preparing the body for cremation or burial (for example, embalming)
  • The cost of a casket
  • Newspaper notice costs
  • Hearse fees
  • Compulsory fees for buying a burial plot
  • Cremation fees


Work and Income New Zealand (WINZ)


If the deceased was currently in receipt of financial assistance from WINZ, or the deceased has dependants and/or was on a low income, the estate may be entitled to apply for the Funeral Grant.

This is means-tested and based on the deceased’s estate at the time of death.




At South Auckland Funeral Services, we can assist or lodge all claims on behalf of the family or estate.


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